I felt like writing today, I don't even know why
Maybe I just need to release all this feelings I have inside
Because they're just too heavy to carry on my own
My muscles and bones can't take all the baggage
And we both know I'm not the only one, am I right?

The subway is packed, and I can't breathe with all this people here
And sometimes my mind wanders if I'm going to see a familiar face
And I dream until it's my stop and reality crushes me one more time
Just because I know damn well every little thing has a price

I'm confused in a full city and traffic annoys me
People ask me for directions I can't give
Because I'm also lost and that they can't realise

I hate when people drive slow, 'cause when I do it I like the speed
I'm so in love with adrenaline that I don't even care if I end up dead
Like anyone would care, that's what I do when I drive
And I couldn't care less if I survive
Because the things that can kill me are the ones that make me feel alive

Do you think I'm cold? Or even cruel?
Don't think twice, because I always know what you have to say
People are always ready to criticize
They're just never brave enough to ask the other to stay

I don't wanna crash, 'cause I know how it feels
And my body can't take all that trauma again
But if I end up crashing, I hope for it to take my lights out
Dying young is way better, except for the pain

They said that maybe one day somebody will change my mind
For those who know me well, know that won't happen
And someone like me it's hard to find

Feelings don't disappear like that, but we never even liked to share
I was never the one, and I knew that since the beginning
And history can mess everything up, it's never fair
Sometimes I just wish I would've shown up late
A thing like this was not supposed to be a nightmare