Hii ♡ let's just start.
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↑ inspiration

♡ dream home

house, luxury, and architecture image bed, black and white, and goals image black, candles, and cuisine image black, design, and details image room, desk, and plants image bedroom, light, and bed image closet, fashion, and clothes image bathroom, interior, and design image
— I want a really modern house, with big windows. There should be 2 bedrooms, walk-in closet, 2 bathrooms, living room, big kitchen, dining area and home office. Everything would be really minimalist and modern. There should also be a lot of plants. Main colors would be black, white, gray, blue, silver & gold.

♡ dream destination

japan image japan, tokyo, and tokyo tower image japan, city, and tokyo image pink, aesthetic, and japan image aesthetic, flowers, and japan image beige, grunge, and boyfriend image grunge, aesthetic, and theme image cherry blossoms, pastel, and sakura blossoms image
— tokyo, japan

♡ dream job

home, house, and interior image home, bathroom, and black image design, black kitchen, and home image bedroom, home, and room image bedroom, home, and interior image home, house, and white image Image by Private User closet, home, and white image
— interior designer

♡ dream style

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, denim, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and black image clothes, dress, and style image beautiful, outfit, and summer image fashion, style, and outfit image
— I don't know what exactly my dream style would be, but I just want to feel comfortable in everything that I wear.

♡ dream partner

— I just participated this perfect man tag, so if you're interested just click that.

♡ dream pets

dogs, rough collie, and cute image fox, animal, and flowers image
— I just want a lot of collies and a fox. Or maybe I want to have a llama farm.. hmm.. decisions.

♡ dream family

couple, love, and hug image couple, love, and goals image love, couple, and kiss image couple, love, and Relationship image
— I don't actually want to have kids. Ever. So it would just be me and my man.. and our llama farm.

+++ added these

♡ dream tattoos & piercings

k-pop, key, and korean image earrings, jewelry, and accessories image jewelry, 💍, and accessories image Image by Private User
— I want a little tiny heart on my ear. "Dann spring ich für dich" tattooed somewhere on my upper back and sad forever somewhere. Also I want a lot of piercings on my ears and maybe nipple piercings.

♡ dream body

Image by 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐚 body, girl, and bikini image girl, body, and fitness image abs, black, and legs image
— I'm not far of archiving my dream body, but still. Remember.. slow progress is still progress.

Byee ♡