Evelyn Natalia Frida Thornton, commonly known as Evelyn Thornton and to close friends and family, Evie. She is heiress to a small kingdom in Northern Europe. She is 18 years old and has an older brother called Hรฅvard Jan Thornton who is 24.


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thick blonde curly hair, icy blue eyes framed with thick lashes, plump natural lips, average body type with wide hips, 5 foot 6 inch height.


Even Halver Nass

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They were arranged to be married since she was born and he was 4. He is the prince to a kingdom in Scandinavia. They didn't properly meet until she was 15 where they were supposed to get to know each other, but she hated him. She thought he was cocky and arrogant and she'd read about princes who would seduce their 'princess' and then run off with her wealth and reputation. It took him 2 years to break down her walls and she is still not 100% on him. But she will have to get used to it by the time she is 21 because that's when they will be married.


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she wears the top one always to show her status. She never wears tiaras, always crowns. The bottom one she wears to events and special occasions.
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on the outside, people think that Evie is rather scandalous as all she seems to do is shop and have drinks and appetisers. However, when you get to know her, she is a very intelligent, creative and solitary person.

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