(This are the characters from a story I'm writing at.This is my inspiration)

The academy

"The academy" is a boarding school for bad behaving students.

This is Roselins collection, she's the main character

full name: Roselin Amareus Chapelle
nickname: Rose/ Rosie
(she is called Rose by her friends and Rosie from her father)

Her looks:

hair, girl, and summer image pink image alternative, asian, and colored hair image hair image
context_set=167804573-ch-looks&context_type=collection She has naturally gold blond curly hair but she started to dye it pink
eyes, eye, and makeup image freckles, girl, and smile image
She has dark chocolate brown eyes and freckles over her nose and cheeks
Image by Private User accesories, moon, and sol image
Most of the time she wears only silver jewelry. She always wears her moon necklace and her sister the sun

her style:

fashion, style, and grunge image black, style, and chic image docs, style, and dr martens image fashion and outfit image

age: 17
birthday: april 16th
zodiac sign: aries
ethnicity: french/ australian



hair, fashion, and style image fashion image
Cataleya (Reynolds) Chapelle, strict old-fashioned woman (49)


beautiful, boy, and curly image book, library, and boy image
Jean Chapelle, understanding father who is always there for his children (52)

Younger sister

girl, curly hair, and beauty image aesthetic, blonde, and love image bed, girl, and sleep image
Hanna Fleur Chapelle, happiness in person (16)

good traits: adventurous, enthusiastic, resilient, strong-willed, protective
bad traits: aggressive, reckless, irascible, a bit impatient, perfectionist, suspicious

things she likes:

girl and twins image quote and sister image
She would do everything for her sister. Her sister is the most important person in the world for her
indie, shirt, and girls image people, alistair ridware, and alistair ridware series image
Her friends from the Academy are like a family to her
coffee, drink, and aesthetic image food, chocolate, and tiramisu image
She loves coffee and tiramisu
accesories, moon, and sol image
The necklace she bought for her sister and herself is really important to her
rose, red, and flowers image
red roses
nails and black image black, black and white, and clothes image
usually wears something black

things she hates:

quotes, hurt, and sad image
coconut, fruit, and food image
coconuts... the smell, the taste... no

about her:

quotes, deep, and life image quotes, sarcasm, and art image quotes, brave, and afraid image child and different image
she's the black sheep of the family


She is the second time, after a year back at the academy, this time because of a secret with her sister

her name:

bloom, blossom, and determination image flowers, pink, and nature image

"Roselin"- is a french name. Her parents gave her this name because she reminded them of roses.

"Amareus"- is Latin for blossom. So her full name would mean rose blossom. Her father insisted on the name

Here is the collection. The other characters are coming soon