Hello guys! I know school have already started but I really wanted to write this article and share my advices and tips as well as basic clothing pieces that might help you out to look better and more stylish this year in school! I'am still in shcool as well and sometimes I just don't have the time or I'm extrimely bored to put the effort to look good in the morning but there is some advises and pieces that will really help you without even trying that much! Let's begin!

1. Basic pieces

The most important thing to me when it comes to chlothing and a clear wordrobe is to have pieces that mach together and can be easily styled! You might have some of those but I'm going to suggest some basic clothes that are literally life savers for me!
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Mom jeans and skinny jeans
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Black and white tee
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Plain sweaters

2. Jewellery and Details

I love jewellery but when it comes to school you have to be carefull how you style it. A big gold necklace for example will draw the attention but it might not look good with the rest of the outfit! A small and plain necklace from the other side adds something very chic to he outfit and makes you look really put together! Also, I believe rings can really improve your image in a way I could never imagine! Except from jewellery there are other cool details that you might find in jeans or belts!
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3. Sporty style

I'm not the most athletic person and I never have been but sometimes all that matters is to be comfortable and to feel good in the clothes that you picked! Sporty style can be done prety easily with some leggins or running shorts but if you want to make it a litltle more complex instead of looking really plain I have some tips for you.
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Ponytail with hooked earrings
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Bralletes with crop tops

4. Final Essentials and inspiration

-Dry shapoo
-Long shocks or schocks with details
- Basic white sneakers
- Oversize Demin jacket

Inspiration images:
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