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I dedicate this article for all the lovers of this beautiful color: BLACK.

Let's start :

1. Human body parts in black :

Image by olartia
beauty, eyes, and eyeshadow image summer, tan, and body image

2. Make up :

Image by FabSouthernDiva
makeup, eyeliner, and beauty image aesthetic, alternative, and black image

3. Clothes :

* Top's

- Short sleeves

black, clothes, and jeans image
Image by Private User clothes, girly, and outfit image

- Long sleeves

bag, belt, and black image
style image outfit, aesthetic, and black image

* Bottoms

- Pants

fashion, black, and style image
black, retro, and loose image Temporarily removed

- Skirts

black skirt, button, and clothes image
clothing, denim, and dress image Image removed
  • Dresses
dress, black, and fashion image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, dress, and style image

* Coats

Image removed
handbag, outfit, and chic image fashion, chic, and style image

* Shoes

- Heels

fashion, shoes, and heels image
fashion, shoes, and black image beauty, classy, and model image

- Boots

luxury, black, and fashion image
black, shoes, and aesthetic image black and boots image

- Sneakers

vans, fashion, and shoes image
shoes, black, and clothes image black, clothes, and girly image

* Bags

chanel, fashion, and bag image
Image removed bag, black, and handbag image
  • Accessories
dior, sunglasses, and fashion image
black, crown, and style image choker, grunge, and goth image
  • Hats
girl, tumblr, and drink image
style and hats image asian, cap, and girl image

4. Buildings :

aesthetic, black, and glass image
black, house, and home image black, house, and goth image
  • Rooms
winter, interior, and snow image
home, black, and house image home, bathroom, and black image
  • Food
black, m&m's, and aesthetic image
black, ice cream, and food image black and cake image

5. Cars :

car image
beast, black, and dream car image car, desert, and mercedes image

6. Animals

aesthetic, black, and easter image
cat, autumn, and animal image dog, black, and wolf image

That's it for today... I hope you enjoyed this.

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