Most people say that the first love in our life is that of a mother but it can't be always be that way,sometimes it is for a while and sometimes that love never comes into existence. The first love may be that of a father but as always there is a possibility that is not like that either.

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Sometimes we no longer feel this love enough, we feel more the pain,problems,screams,and we forget that there were days when this was the only thing we had and we're inmensely happy.

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No feel this love like before is the cause of our insecurities?
Is it my fault or someone else's looking at me in the mirror and not know who i am?
Does stopping feeling happiness make you unable to feel it anymore?
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Not feeling capable anymore is just for a while?
Am i ever going to stop feeling this lonely?
Im going to stop being so sensitive and i could be a bitch in the face of my fears?

Because i'm afraid to stop loving me completely,i'm afraid that my lungs will stop working and my eyes will dry out…

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What is love?...
How to describe something to complex? that feeling that make us feel alive, is really all we need to live.

Love is inspiration or sometimes is suffering, but the truth is that each one of us wants to feel it,have it and live it, we need it love.

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Feeling love for something or someone is inevitable...but we can avoid not loving ourselves, because for me the first love in our life should be that one.

The love is to feel respect,connection, and freedom to be with the other person or to do what you are passionate about

Any kind of love in this world is supposed to make your soul vibrate and your heart dance

Is it right not to know what is self-love?
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