I really liked this tag, so I'm doing my version. It will be good for 5/6 years to see if I could make some of my dreams come true hahah

- dream home

flowers, home, and window image nature, photography, and summer image house, mountains, and nature image tea, red, and vintage image
I imagine myself in a village, with a vegetable garden and a cozy little house, nothing very extraordinary

- dream destination

scotland, dunnottar castle, and castle image green, landscape, and nature image boat, city, and country image nature, travel, and mountains image
I really want to travel all over the world but my favorite places for sure are Scotland and all Scandinavia (all are great, I have no preference)

- dream job

art, angel, and music image girl, photography, and vintage image tattoo, lemon, and yellow image book and vintage image
Ok, this part is kind of complicated for me hahaha, I'm still in doubt of my dream work, these images represent my desire to be restorative of classical art, the desire to be a photographer, the desire to be a tattoo artist or something related to biology, probably entomology or botany

- dream style

blue, bolsa, and azul image hands, magic, and photography image girl, fashion, and style image clothes, dress, and vintage image
I didn't find images that really showed my style, but those were close. I really like something more vintage / indie

- dream partner

Temporarily removed love, couple, and kiss image couple, soft, and romance image boy, sleep, and bed image
(i already have my dream partner so i will put a dream life with him)
Basically that's it, if you liked it free to chat with me, and this is the link to my favorite collection.