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Sitting at a café on a Sunday afternoon, I keep on wondering about life and why do we make some decisions in our lives, why now and not before? Why now and not later? Was this time meant for this decision or does everything happen randomly?
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Yet, although my mind confuses itself, I open my eyes and realise that today I am living one of my dreams. It has been around a month now that I have left France for the Isle of Man to work for the whole scholar year. Was it hard to leave? I won’t lie. Leaving home was perhaps one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. But today I am sitting at a café, writing this article while looking at the sea. My heart beats at a pace I have not felt in a long time – peaceful.
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As I know some of you may feel the urge to live abroad yet still feel afraid to jump and live that life, I will be taking you through my year in the UK in different articles. In those articles, you will find one thing – Honesty. I believe that telling you the truth about my state of mind through the year away from my family and habits could be the best experience not only for me but you as well.
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Chapter I: A Brand New World

I have entered a brand-new world in which I know I could find happiness if I give myself time. Being the new teacher or simply the new one is a tough thing when people already know each other. Pushing yourself toward the others can be hard, I understand as some days I come back to my flat in the evening thinking no one will ever like me here. During those intense moments, I keep on telling myself that this feeling is completely natural as I have been here for only a month. Every day is different as every single day brings new possibilities and coming here, away from everything and everyone I know is a risk I took to grab those possibilities. There are only 24 hours in a day and the day after is always a new beginning.
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When I think back of that day when leaving France, I sort of realised that I was really scared of leaving everything I knew behind me. It is indeed scary to jump in the unknown. As I enjoy being in charge and knowing what I am doing, losing control was the scariest part of it all. But if we allow fear to take advantage of us, we are doomed. Don’t you think? If we don’t jump, we will never know what could have happened. And I’ll not spend any more time wondering what could have happened if I had jumped in every opportunity I wanted to take.
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Leaving your life and habits also means creating new ones or trying to get used to the ones of the place you are now living in. That, of course, is also quite complicated. For instance, in France, supper time is around 7 pm and 8 pm (sometimes even later) and English supper time is around 5 or 6 pm depending on the day. After a week living here, I am honestly not used to it. Yet, my body is taking another routine that I hate. I told you I was going to be honest. The classes start at either 8:30 or 9 am here and breakfast is at 7:30 until 8 am. Then, depending on the day again, I eat either at 12:30 or 1:30 pm and supper is at 6 pm. In the end, my body thinks that It is around 8 when we eat so I’m tired earlier than before and go to bed earlier.
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Sometimes, living abroad also means getting used to a totally different culture. Honestly, some parts of the English culture are absolutely different from France. It is, to my complete surprise, a hard thing to get used to. Yet again, I have arrived only a month ago... so I guess I still need time..
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