I will be presenting and talking about 5 characters who use or wore masks in anime
However, it will be explained about them and why they use the mask.

the characters were randomly chosen.

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Ichigo, Hollow mode.

In anime, the use of the mask has several reasons, many of them are due to circumstances in which the character is and or only serve to hide his real identity. In other situations, it is used to represent organizations, groups and clans. Some also carry power, so when an individual uses it ends up receiving a considered increase in strength, moreover, it may also appear as a way of representing a new form and or characteristic of power, such as Ichigo, in Hollow mode.

Obito Uchiha

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In the anime, Obito was reportedly killed in Shinobi World War 3 after his body was crushed by a large rock on a mission. However, he was saved and trained by Madara, who in addition to helping him in his recovery, explained about his ideals. Later, the young man saw the person he loved being killed, Rin, because of this, decided to join Madara with the plan to make the world a perfect place where everyone would be manipulated by a moon-applied Genjutsu. His personality changed a lot after his loss, the boy became completely cold and serious in goals, unlike earlier in his childhood, who was a person without responsibility and quite charismatic.

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After Rin's death, Obito bought his mask to hide his face during the missions and at that time the boy became known as: Tobi, Masked Ninja and even confused with Madara, that is, after entering Akatsuki . The character was essential because he could be seen as dead by everyone, especially Kakashi, who was not his friend and "loving rival." However, his mask represents a new character, driven by pain and hatred.

Lelouch Lamperouge

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Lelouch was a very intelligent student of Japan, whose place had been taken by the armies of Britannia and became a monarchy. However, after the boy accidentally crashed into a truck carrying a stolen chemical weapon, he faced an arduous confrontation between the government and terrorists. After stopping in a tunnel and being found by the army, the alleged bomb opened, but only a mysterious woman with long greenish hair appeared. After being approached by a troop of soldiers at the scene, Lelouch had been charged with terrorism and was to be executed. As the young man was about to get shot, the chemical gun girl lunged in front of him and was killed on the spot. However, after this the woman "passed" the character a spell called "Geass" as such ability makes the power-bearer able, from eye contact, to make any individual obey orders that are exercised.

Lelouch quickly began using his skills to fight the Empire of Britain, starting the anime.

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The mask itself has the characteristic of a helmet, which Lelouch wears next to his costume known as "Zero". The character, after obtaining the "Geass" spell, adhered to the thought that the ends justify the means, that is, it is necessary to do the wrong thing to end a greater evil. Seeking to counter Britannia with this ideology, he began wearing a mask that has an opening on the left side of his eye, so that he could use his ability from eye contact and remain anonymous.


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Hei was a young exchange student who was always concerned and aimed at protecting his sister, Bai, after she gained powers and became a Contractor during the "Meteor Shower", the young man decided to become a mercenary in order to oversee. there and stick around. Due to his high level of combat ability, in a short time the boy was well known even to the Contractors. Later, during the "War of the Skies", Bai eventually disappeared, however, had merged with Hei, giving him his powers.

After that, the young man obtained the attributes of his sister, which gave him an increase in his combat skills. Because of this, he began to be known by the codename that was assigned to Bai, BK-201.

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The reason for anonymity is essentially to characterize your side as Contractor. The young man has bipolarity, because when wearing his mask he becomes a very experienced and calculating killer, thus acquiring an extreme focus on his main goal: kill.
However, being out of his missions, he acts normally, as if nothing has happened, and lives like an ordinary student life.

Ken Kaneki

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The character was a normal human until the day he met Rize, a ghoul who was well known among the districts because of her strength, yet he saw her only as a girl, for she disguised herself as an ordinary human. After noticing the interest coming from her, the young man agreed to go out on a date with her. On the way back, Rize exposed his true face and Kagune, where in a sadistic way he tried to devour Kaneki. As the boy was about to die, a building near the site collapsed on top of both. After that, the two were rescued and from surgery he had the organs of Rize implanted, because she died from the accident and he needed this transplant to survive. Because of this, after a while the character realized that he became half ghoul.

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Kaneki then met the Anteiku cafeteria, where he was approached by Yoshimura who passed on his ideals about peace. After that, the boy agreed to join the organization and joined as a waiter, then began to learn more about both sides in society. Everything was going somewhat well, until the day he was captured and tortured, where after that he completely accepted his "ghoul side".

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Kaneki began wearing a mask essentially to hide his face during missions that were created by Anteiku. The reason the young man uses it is not to have his face "marked" by CCG, where after having his appearance revealed to some investigator the boy would be at great risk of being hunted in society.

However, the main feature of the mask was that it marked a change in character, which was the change of personality after he accepted his ghoul side.

Kurosaki Ichigo

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Ichigo was an ordinary young student and had a certain individuality that allowed him to see spirits and interact with them, just like a Medium. One day, the character found a shinigami in his room, called Rukia, where after this the girl explained about the mission she was performing. Subsequently, a major Hollows attack occurred in the region, however, Rukia no longer had the strength to fight. Aiming at the good of the people in the place, she chose to pass part of her shinigami powers to Ichigo, who mysteriously managed to execute the monsters with great skill. After that, both maintained a close relationship, thus starting the story of Bleach.

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Despite possessing abilities like substitute Shinigami, Ichigo has access to the power of Hollow, whose use of this form materializes a skeletal mask on his face, considerably increasing his strength in combat. Also, when the young person is in this form, he has a personality change, becoming cold and objective.

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However, the characteristic of this power has levels, the last of which is the mask and form of Vasto Lord, where the character ends up losing even his consciousness.