Hello hello guys,

How is everybody's week going?
How's school? How's life?

This morning I heard a speech. Woke me up. Really.

I had been kind of thinking that I was truly spending too much time on my phone, but I put that off reminding myself that yes I was reading daily and yes I was working out. I was good. Nope.

But actually there are greater things to do with time then spend it on IG watching videos of people that don't know you exist, spending hours on tinder hoping to feel validated by a hot boy, or opening snapchat and watching the trash news and celebrities that have chaotic lives and benefit you in no way.

I was like dang I'm actually wasting my time on other people's lives, that's just not it sis. that's not it. we have two nonrenewable resources, one of them is time, and im really spending it literally on Instagram wishing I could be like somebody else. that's messed up for reals.

ok so what am i gonna do? first take a cleanse. stop wasting time. but then i was like ok there's alot of stuff i know i should be doing that im actually not doing.

how do i expect to become a better person if im not doing everything that i know is right? dang sis. quit that.

Rebecca here are the things you know you should be doing, and you're NOT doing them. let's get on with it. you can't change what you don't acknowledge and its time to acknowledge these things I KNOW i should be changing.

I'm gonna focus on these in October. Share the things you should be doing that you know are right. I wanna know too! We're really on a path of self growth, each of us, and it's time we take our growth and our glow up seriously.

  • put your phone away while studying
  • remind yourself of your goals and where you wanna go. that way when you feel like giving up you know damn well where it is you motivated yourself to go in the first place
  • stop wasting so much of YOUR precious time on that damn phone
  • sleep earlier
  • read your bible like you actually value it

see ya later and happy october third!

Much love
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