Hi so this is my first article, I hope it turns out good lol. hope you enjoy!
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1. Go to a pumkin patch!

autumn, fall, and orange image
pumkin patches are super fun . I love going to pumkin patches, I go every year.

2. Drink a pumkin spice latte!

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
tastes amazinggggggg.

3. Go apple picking :)

apple, autumn, and fall image
if you love apples this is for you

4. Go for a hike!

backpack, breathing, and green image
I don't really like anything that has to do with sports but hiking in the fall is the best!

5. Collect colorful fall leaves!

autumn, fall, and leaves image
istg when I was little I would do it all day.

6. Go to a corn maze !

autumn, corn maze, and Halloween image
such a fun experience

7. Bake an apple / pumkin pie

apple, autumn, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
do it with friends or family!

8. Carve pumkins!

autumn, fall, and Halloween image
fun & funny

9. Build a bonfire!

bonfire, chairs, and house image
don't forget the smores ;)

10.Attend a fall festival!

autumn, fall, and leaves image
one of my favorite things :)

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