In reality, you can never really find or label yourself. It is simply the act of discovering who you WANT to be. I'm writing today to help people find who they want to be and what they are passionate about.

STEP 1: Discover your interests

The key to finding yourself is discovering what you like. Experiment. Experiment with books, music, style, sexual orientation, anything you think will help you be yourself. How do I know what's right, you may ask. There isn't a master plan behind it, you'll just know.

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STEP 2: Find your strengths

You need to discover what your good at before you find who you truly are. Art, writing, science, math, history, surfing, skating, sports. It doesn't matter what your good at, as long as you enjoy it, and if you aren't entirely interested in your strengths, create new ones.

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STEP 3: Become comfortable with yourself

You can't move on in life unless you accept yourself for who you are. You will never be able to discover yourself if you can't learn to appreciate the person you already are.

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STEP 4: Friendships

Once you find your interest it becomes relatively easy to fit into a friend or social group. Find people who share interest, goals, strengths, etc. Though you don't want to become close with someone that you have EVERYTHING in common with, friendships can only work with individuality, sometimes finding someone the complete opposite of yourself is the way to go.

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STEP 5: Be Patient

Things like this aren't just handed to you, it will take time and effort. It may take years to truly find yourself, but that's okay, take as long as you need. You have your whole life, don't rush a decision like this, someday you may regret it.