Hey beauties, for a decade and a half I was late EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME. Here are my sacred tips how I am achieving my resolution of being on time and not late! Want a part 2? Get this article to 150 hearts!

1) Lay out clothes, accessories, and shoes for the next day, the NIGHT BEFORE!
before I started doing this, I was very indecisive on what to wear and would spend 20 minutes trying on clothes. This hack is a time saver!

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2) Pack lunch and snacks the NIGHT BEFORE
make lunch the night before, put perishable food in the fridge and pack snacks prior to save time and not forget to bring lunch! Also always have at least $5 to buy food if you forget

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3) Set alarm at least 5 min earlier than you need to wake up.
We all hit the snooze button. Set earlier alarms to help you start waking up and set 2 alarms. 5 min apart then, you should be more awake by the second alarm.

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4) Play a hype song as your alarm!! No one wants to wake up to the classic and annoying alarm sound. I play Money Bag by Cardi B and it makes me want to jump out of bed and dance.

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5) Master a quick makeup routine. My makeup takes 5-10 minutes. I have a fast and easy makeup tutorial on my YouTube Channel, check it out!

6) QUICK 2 min makeup!
If you want to look put-together without spending a lot of time, just fill in eyebrows and add winged eyeliner and some mascara. If you can only do one thing, I suggest winged eyeliner, which makes eyes pop! Also, put a mascara in your bag to do at school if you run late!

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I make these simple and filling chocolate pancakes in large batches, freeze them, and microwave for 45 seconds. I also eat them dry, they are SOO good! They also keep my tummy happy for a few hours! Also, I suggest breakfast bars or protein bars for quick and healthy ideas, easy to eat on the road or in class.

8) Tie your hair up or braid it the night before to not waste time doing your hair!

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That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed! Follow my articles collection for more, and heart this article for more!