This EP is really good and Ruel put a lot of his emotions into it. When I first listened to it top to bottom I felt like I needed to give him a hug and I was shocked that the topics were so serious. I suggest you give it a listen. :)

Track one: Don't Cry

Ruel addresses how people act like it's not manly for a man to cry and show their emotions. He states that he's going through something that is hard for him but "boys don't cry."
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"If it's over then its over, it doesn't have to be a teenage drama."

Track two: Real Thing

Ruel is in a long distance relationship.(?) He talks about how he wants a raw, realistic relationship and not a fake one where it is filtered and fantasized. He wants all the fights, tears and he wants to get to know the girl on a deep, personal level.
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"I'm tired of that fantasy, I'm tired of the day dream, Tired of just waiting to fall asleep to see you."

Track three: Painkiller

Ruel is with a girl and he is blinded by love and doesn't realize that their relationship is toxic and is slowly killing him.
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"The doctor says i'm diagnosed with shit taste, mistakes but i'll be fine."

Track four: Hard Sometimes

Ruel is away from home, traveling and touring meanwhile his friends are carrying on their life without him. He feels left out be he has to remind himself that he's doing what he loves and has the chance of a lifetime.
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"I feel like I'm not there 'cuz my head is up somewhere, far away from all my friends. I just want that back again."

Track five: Face To Face

Ruel sees this girl that he likes but he's only ever seen her online. He wonders if the feeling would be reciprocated if he were to tell her his feelings. He feels uneasy seeing her reply to other guys on instagram.
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"I know you don't even know my name, but I wonder, I wonder if you would feel the same. If one day we'd meet face to face."

Track six: Unsaid

Ruel sees that his friend is going through a tough time and struggling with mental health issues. He tries to reach out and show them that he's there to talk and help the situation but he keeps being pushed away. They didn't get to talk about some things and things weren't said.
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"How you gonna act like nothings wrong, when I see that you've been crying but you never wanna talk about it?"

Track seven: Free Time

Ruel was in a relationship with a girl and it consumed all of his time. Now that they're broken up he's feeling unmotivated and he has so much free time he doesn't know what to do with it.
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"All of my friends said "Dont worry, I promise you'll be fine." Now I'm alone and I'm lost in my phone with this free time."
This is the first article I've ever done like this and I really like it. If you want to know more about the EP read the Queensland Times article. This project is a beautiful work of art, I've had it on repeat for days.
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