Victor and Rolf : FlowerBomb : Musk and patcouli with a touch of milky.

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Yves Saint Laurent : Black Opium : Sweet coffee with vanilla.

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Marc Jacobs : Daisy : Fresh fruit.

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Chanel : Coco Mademoiselle : Tiny hint of musk and vanilla.

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Tom Ford : Black Orchid : blen of black truffle and ylang mingled with a little bergamot.

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Lancome : La Vie Est Belle : Iris , jasmine , orange blossom , patchouli notes paired with hints of black currant and pear.

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Victoria's Secret : Bombshell : peonies with passion fruit and vanilla orchid.

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Gucci : Bloom : Tuberose , jasmine and honey suckle aroma.

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Miss Dior : Blooming Bouquet : Smells of pink rose , peonies , bergament and musk.

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Versace : Bright Crystal Absolu : Smells like peonies and rose with yuzu and pomegranate.

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