crush, gif, and music video image
first song you’ve heard: you belong with me
gif, pop, and red image
favorite album: red
country, gif, and music video image celebs, gif, and girls image Taylor Swift image album, gif, and song image
favorite songs from self-titled: teardrops on my guitar, cold as you, our song, picture to burn
fearless, girl, and handwriting image beautiful, beauty, and celebrities image change and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, love story, and blonde image
favorite songs from fearless: white horse, fifteen, change, love story
quotes, night, and text image Taylor Swift, Reputation, and smile image Taylor Swift and back to december image Temporarily removed
favorite songs from speak now: dear john, long live, back to december, enchanted
gif, Taylor Swift, and all too well image fetus, live, and performance image album, blue, and red image Image by lolita
favorite songs from red: all too well, the lucky one, the moment i knew, state of grace
Taylor Swift image 1989, polaroid, and pop image Taylor Swift, new romantics, and Lyrics image 1989, Taylor Swift, and polaroid image
favorite songs from 1989: style, clean, new romantics, this love
Taylor Swift, Reputation, and celebrity image Reputation, Taylor Swift, and dont blame me image gif, Taylor Swift, and reputation tour image Taylor Swift image
favorite songs from reputation: getaway car, don’t blame me, call it what you want, dress
Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and lover image blondie, famous, and icon image Image removed
favorite songs from lover: the man, death by a thousand cuts, cruel summer, london boy