basic info
group name: pink forest
fandom name: pinkrest
official fan colour:

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lucky green and baby pink

company: sm entertainment
concept: girly/cute and dark
debut date: November 17th 2018

stage name: eun
birth name: lee eunjung
position: leader, main vocalist, center
birthday: march 15th 1994
zodiac sign: pisces
place of birth:
height: 160cm
weight: 47kg
blood type: o
- considered to be the mom of the group because of her caring nature
- great cook, specialities are korean, italian, and japanese food
- very good at advice, but not good at following it
- very energetic and loud, she does not seem like the oldest member
- voted by the members as being the most fun to hang out with

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stage name: gyuri
birth name: choi gyuri
position: lead vocalist, lead rapper, visual, face of the group
birthday: october 19th 1994
zodiac sign: scorpio
place of birth:
height: 166cm
weight: 47kg
blood type: ab
- known to be good at everything she tries
- incredible writer, has written songs for pink forest as well as other sm artists
- trained the most out of all the members, for a total of 6 years
- extremely optimistic, known to be the groups cheerleader
- very elegant and has a calm personality

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stage name: gaeun
birth name: song gaeun
position: main rapper, lead dancer
birthday: april 25th 1997
zodiac sign: taurus
place of birth:
height: 170cm
weight: 46kg
blood type: a
- known for being smart and having a lot of knownledge
- has a loud girl crush persona but totally introverted
- loves to read and study
- is fluent in four languages (korean, english, japanese, taiwanese)
- voted by the members on having the least feminine personality

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stage name: hyejin
birth name: soo hyejin
position: main vocalist, visual
birthday: january 20th 2000
zodiac sign: aquarius
place of birth:
height: 160cm
weight: 47kg
blood type: a
- great at makeup and hairstyling
- loves fashion and shopping for new clothing
- can play several instruments including guitar and piano, her favourites
- began singing when she was 5 and decided right away she wanted to be an idol

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stage name: ava
birth name: lee ava
position: leader, main vocalist, center
birthday: may 17th 2001
zodiac sign: taurus
place of birth: seoul, south korea
height: 160cm
weight: 46kg
blood type: b
- loves to dance, she basically lives in their dance practice room
- has a pretty singing voice but is really shy
- loud voice, everyone can hear her from rooms away
- the mood maker of the group, loves to make others laugh and smile
- fluent in english

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mini album: pink!

first love
pink crystal
fairies gift

music video:

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first comeback

full album: forestry

miss huntress
rainy days
under pressure
killer tree
deer diary
darkness please

music video:

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