As a thirsty reader with a passion for writing herself and such, I would like to bless yall with a few stories I enjoyed reading on Wattpad. Mainly because there are stories worth taking a look on.

I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls, Pitiful I Know.

I know what you're going to say. "Thank you B for suggesting a story with 94 parts and ungodly long chapters. But hey, the plot was amazing!"

The start of the story is like any other teen based one but it gets wayyyyyyyyyyyy better. So many events get mixed with each other and let's not start with how great the characters are build. I promise you, with a little patience you'll fall in love too.

Death Is My BFF

This one has everything you would want in a reaper based story. You won't be able to get enough. I don't wanna spoil anything.

The author of this book has done many other books, like OMERTA and such. Check her out if you wanna.

A Little Crazy

Hehehehehe... yum yum story. The, uh, mature scenes are so well described, I actually keep re-reading them.

It's kind of a short story but hey! It's a steamy, dreamy, woman meets man book and I still go back to it to this day!

The Bet

It's a publicized book and an actual live movie. You wanna read some down to earth teen romance to give you hope in having your own?

Read this!

BTS Fanfics

Nah, I'm just kidding. I get red and cringe at these things. Like I tried so many times to read one... God forbid, as if I need to sin more!

- If you are interested, read these stories for fun. I haven't went down the Wattpad rabbit hole in a long time but wouldn't mind to tell you about my personal tastes. Hope you enjoyed it!