Hello everybody! :-) School for most of you has already started but I still have a few free days so I have time to get prepared. There is many articels about going back to school where they are preparing you with buying clothes, school suplies and decoration to your dormitory room. I will show you my preparation for a new school year. Let's get started!

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1. Joining school organisation

I am a member of ESN - Erasmus student network. And joining this organisation is the best thing I have ever done in my life. It gave me so many experiences and I got to know so many new people from different countries. Showing foreign students our country, our city and nature is so cool and giving them our food and drinks to taste and seeing their reactions is priceless. We are making events for them, helping them with accommodation and anything they need help with. I have so many great friends in so many different countries and I am so so happy for that.

2. Looking for a part time job

Well this is my bachelor year and I feel like it's really time to be financially free and I also want to help my parents. For four years I have been working every summer but not during school year. So I think it would be something new for me but why not right? At least I will not waste my time in my dorm to be bored. Btw I will be probably working as a receptionist and doing nightshifts.

3. Buying things to my dorm

All that cute candels and blankets I already have since the first year. Also I have maybe 2-3 notebooks which I have been using since the first year bc I really don't write notes (I am saving our trees haha). This year I decided to buy more supplies to the kitchen. We have a kitchen on a floor but it's for everyone living in that floor so I really don't want to go there. I have bought a small cooker to use in my room and now I want to buy all things I will need to learn to cook.

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4. Papers, papers, papers

Yes the worse part of going back to school is confirm, sign all this papers and pay student cards, transport cards etc. Please noo..

5. Party, teather, cinema

With school starts also party life because now there is a lot of "opening semester party", "end of summer party" and so many others. I am not really party person but it's good to go our with my classmates or people which I am mostly seeing only in my school city. But also there is theater season which about I am really excited. Maybe it's not really school thing but I think it is part of student's life. We will not remember hours of sitting in school but hours of dancing on the floor!

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Thank you for reading another my article. I was trying to make again some really frequent topic in my way so I hope you liked it and see you soon again :-)