I don't know if you think i'm just a game. Or maybe you only want me when You need something. You glance at me and I see you do it because im looking at you to. Wishing you'd take 5 seconds of your time and look at me. I hear them say you like me but it doesn't seem like it you barely look at me or pay attention to me. I'm so scared to ask you to be mine. Not because i don't want you to be mine but because i'm afraid you'll say no. If you say no i'll be heart broken and I don't want to be heart broken again. I'll still want to be your friend but you'll always know that i want more. I just don't know. I remember a night where your arms were around me lips pressed against mine. Not a care in the world just you and me. Only to find out you don't even remember it because you were drunk. You don't remember the passion in my eyes. You don't remember the smile I gave you because I was so nervous. You were my first in a lot of things. We didn't go to far but for me we went far enough. Because now your all I think about. I can never get you off my mind. When I close my eyes to go to sleep your there waiting for me. You held me with strong sure arms. You told me I was pretty that I was worth something. You made me believe in myself. You made me believe that someone wanted me not for my body or what they could use me for but for my personality you wanted me for me. My crazy, unperfect self you wanted me but then you sobered up and left me high and dry. I just want to know if you'll be mine.