I basically just wanted to do an article about where I think I'll be or where I want to be, a year from now. This is realistic, but also includes the dreams I have for now. I hope you enjoy :)

Where will I live?

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So I'm thinking that by this time I'll either have my own apartment or I'm looking for one.

What about school?

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My dream is to be in this different school so I can graduate, but realistically I'll probably be in the same school, so I can do my exams

Relationship status?

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Well, if I'm lucky.. I just spent the whole summer with my girlfriend and we're going strong.

How are you doing? Mentally.

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I can only hope, but I think I'll be better. I'll have stopped going to my therapist by then and might be living alone. So hopefully things are okay ♡

Are you healthy?

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I really don't expect to have suddenly started working out. But maybe I've gone vegan or I'm trying? Maybe I walk a dog every day? I don't know.


Have you dyed your hair?

Have you finished reading Harry Potter?

What's your favorite song? Movie?

Do you know what you wanna do?

How many fears have you overcome?

Do you still use glasses?

Have you improved any languages?

Did mom go to Copenhagen?

Is there anything I should know?

Note to self

Lastly I just wanna say something to future me. A year seems so far away, but knowing how much is gonna happen, it might just fly by.
I hope you had the most amazing year. I hope you laughed a lot, I hope you had fun with your friends, I hope you bought flowers and forgot to water them, I hope you got better at cooking, I hope you showed kindness and empathy, I hope you got closer to your family. I also hope you went on roadtrips, partied, got through your bad periods, got together with your girlfriend, learned a lot and so much more. You're still young, live your best life, make mistakes and learn from them ♡

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