friends image
Do face mask
childhood, disney, and girls image
Have a movie marathon
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Build a fort
girl, breakfast, and cooking image
autumn, fall, and forest image
Go for a walk
camping, lights, and summer image
Camp outside
fitness, girl, and workout image
friends, friendship, and best friends image
Have a pillow fight
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Play board games
trampoline, light, and cozy image
Sleep on your trampoline
80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
Go bowling
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Have a fashion show
home, clothes, and decor image
Mix and match outfits
aesthetic, emo, and black aesthetic image
Have a photoshoot
green, park, and yard image
Go to the park
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Dance and listen to music
cake, Cookies, and FRUiTS image
Make a cake and decorate it
birthday, girl, and neon lights image
Go swimming
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Do each other's nails
actor, actress, and behind the scenes image
Film a short movie
netflix, autumn, and cozy image
Start a new series together
album, art, and book image
Make a scrapbook
kendall jenner, cake, and cara delevingne image
Have deep conversations
chips, cornflakes, and food image
Make food combinations and guess what they are
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Play some sport