Dear Friends,

Ever since we were little it’s always been about quantity.

“I have this many toys.”
“I have this many friends.”
“I have more…”
“I don’t have enough…”

We are always looking at how much and many. The problem is that we get so caught up in the numbers that we tend to equate who we are with those numbers. We think that our value depends on how much/many we have of friends, followers, shoes, money, etc.

We’re taught that more is better. We should want more friends, more clothes, more cars, more money, etc. Often the reason we work, live, and breathe is to get more.

Some of us want more because we think we’ll be happier. Let me tell you, things don’t fill the void only God can.

Others want more for acceptance. We should not want the approval of man but the approval of God (Galatians 1:10). The good thing about that is, when we are saved through Jesus, we have God’s approval.

God already loves us more than anyone. More than your friends, family, pets, and anyone else in this world combined. He sees your worth. He created you after all.

The numbers just distract us from what’s more important — relationships. Our relationship with others and relationship with God is most important.

Relationships aren’t the followers we have. Relationships are the close community of people we have that cares about us and loves us. That will be there for us in times of trouble. It’s also the people that you are there for and care and love deeply.

Focus more on God and a genuine relationship with others instead of the numbers. The numbers don’t make you who you are. God does, and He’s made you more beautiful than you can imagine.

Your friend,



It's been a minute since I've done these posts! I hope you enjoyed and got something from this one. It's important that we don't focus too hard on how much/many and look toward God to knowing we have all we need.

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