Dear God,

Numbers are everywhere. There’s always something to count.

  • How many friends
  • How many followers
  • How many likes
  • How many messages
  • How many sells

There’s so much I can count and look at to see if I’m good enough. To see if I’m worthy enough.

God forgive me.

Forgive me for not looking to You for my worth. You are the ONE who beats all the rest. What You say and think matters most. You say that I’m Your beautiful, worthy beloved. You look at me and see something amazing. Not because of the likes, sells, or followers. No, because You see me as the one You created. The one You desired and continue to desire.

I praise You for making me for Your love. For more than this temporary earth. God You are wonderful and have created me for so much more than numbers.

Help me to remember that You are the most important in my life. Help me to rest in Your love; to know I don’t have to strive for approval because I have Yours.

I love You, God!

In Jesus’ Name,



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