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  • a song that has a colour in its title
blue, red, and vintage image aesthetic, air force, and blue image
mr. blue sky by electric light orchestra
  • a song with a number in its title
Image removed the rolling stones image
2000 light years from home by the rolling stones
  • a song that reminds me of summer
alternative, girls, and indie image hollywood image
pictures of girls by wallows
  • a song that needs to be blasted at the highest volume
party, drunk, and boy image friends, car, and Road Trip image
tongue tied by grouplove
  • a song that makes me dance
best friends, bff, and dancing image party image
it’s not living (if it’s not with you) by the 1975
  • a song that i listen to in the car
road, sunset, and vintage image air, auto, and car image
i want you to want me by cheap trick
  • a song that makes me happy
Image removed Temporarily removed
come on eileen by dexys midnight runners
  • a song that makes me sad
sad, aesthetic, and cry image art, aesthetic, and painting image
michelle by the beatles
  • a song i could never get tired of
beach, summer, and sunset image Image removed
shake it by metro station
  • a song from my preteen days
Image removed beach, blonde, and blonde hair image
what makes you beautiful by one direction
  • a song that should be played at my wedding
bride, couple, and elegant image aesthetic, couples, and kiss image
don’t let me down by the beatles
  • a song that was covered by another artist
aesthetic, beauty, and colors image bed, playlist, and sheets image
girl crush by little big town covered by harry styles
  • a song i would duet for karaoke
attractive, black and white, and boy image Queen, band, and Freddie image
under pressure by queen and david bowie
  • a song released the year i was born
coldplay image music, grunge, and nirvana image
the scientist by coldplay
  • a song that means something to me
clouds, sky, and aesthetic image car, vintage, and travel image
try and love again by the eagles
  • a song with a person’s name in it
b&w, Lyrics, and olivia image nature, olivia, and photography image
olivia by one direction
  • a song i think everyone should listen to
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
drunk on halloween by wallows
  • a song that makes me wanna fall in love
aesthetic, couple, and grunge image girl, lips, and grunge image
can’t help falling in love by elvis presley
  • a song that breaks my heart
Temporarily removed alternative, band, and channel image
i don’t wanna love you anymore by lany
  • a song by an artist who’s voice i like
90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image 90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image
good old-fashioned lover boy by queen
  • a song from my childhood
guitar, cigarette, and music image concert, hallway, and posters image
i was made for lovin’ you by kiss
  • a song that reminds me of myself
dark, lights, and night image cloudy, coldplay, and depression image
fix you by coldplay