Hey y'all. It's Nicole. I am supposed to be doing math homework but writing a review for a television show that hasn't been on in almost a year seems more interesting. So Welcome to Dancing with the Stars review of Week 1. When I say review I mean like the scoreboard. Also in case you were wondering my top 4 pick preseason. The 4 that I want to be fighting for the mirrorball in 10 weeks is Kel & Witney, Hannah & Alan, Ally & Sasha and James & Emma. With Lauren & Gleb and Sailor & Val making it to the semi-finals.

So let's discuss the premiere episode from last night.
I can't find the types of dances they did and right now but when I do, I will add it into this article.
The couples right now have no team names or telephones for voting. I think that they are getting that info over the next week so it will be in next weeks article.

The scoreboard
1. With a score of 21. James & Emma
2. With a score of 20, Hannah & Alan
3. Tired for 3rd with a score of 18. Lauren & Gleb and Sailor & Val. (Also side note Sailor had 3 days to learn that dance because her mother was supposed to be on the show but broke her arm on Friday so Sailor took her mother's place and did a really good job for 3 days)
4. Tired for 4th with a score of 17. Mary & Brandon and Karamo & Jenna
5. Tired for 5th with a score of 16. Kel & Witney and Ally & Sasha
6. Tired for 6th with a score of 15. Kate & Pasha and Ray & Cheryl
7. With a score of 12. Sean & Lindsay
8. With a score of 11. Lamar & Peta

I think next week the couples that are getting eliminated next week base not only on their scores but their overall dance skills and popularity in this show. My guess would be Sean & Lindsay or Lamar & Peta. If they are not eliminated then we have a problem. Because last night when I was watching them, it was at times a cringe fest.

Also guys side note. Thank you so much for all the support with the last article. I can't believe it, it made it to the discovery page and the article channel. That made my whole day.

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