I thought this would be fun to do, so here it is. My english is not the best, but I hope u understand. :')


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My style is quite wide, I love big baggy hoodies and t-shirts, patterned/colorful jeans/pants. For example chains, earrings, jewelry, long belts, beanies and waist bag are nice addition to outfit.


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I listen to A LOT of different styles of music, but maybe the most trap, rap, pop, indie. If you want to know more what I listen, my profile is a link to my spotify playlist.

TV- shows (Netflix)

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I've seen almost every series on netflix, here are my 6 favorite series.


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I think shoes are important part of the outfit. Nike, Skechers, Balenciaga and Buffalo have a nice shoes.


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I LOVE animals


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What i can even say, I love food.

Drinks & fruits

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I love ice lattes, especcially caramel ice latte from Espresso House, I also like italian soda, my fav flavour is lemon and strawberry. My favorite fruit is blood grapefruit, strawberry and grape.


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I love concerts and festivals and I have been 74 different concert/festival in my life. I also love photograhpy and digital art. I' am a media student, so I think they are related to my future profession. Traveling is also a big part of my life.