And suddenly, you're all on your own.

All day, all night, for the whole week and all the weekend you're alone.
No, I'm not an EXTREME form of being an “anti-social” or even afraid of people. I just moved out a few days ago. But I didn't just leave my parents house and moved in somewhere around the corner. I moved to a totally new city about 500 km from home.
Well, saying that I'm absolutely ALWAYS alone, might not be totally right. I do have GREAT landlords. They're an old married couple about 70 years old. They are lovely people who really care for me. On my first morning in my new flat, they invited me over for breakfast, when I had nothing to eat yet. After that, the husband also showed me the whole city and told me lots of interesting stories and facts about my new “home-town” (to be honest, my real home-town is still the tiny little town I grew up in. And it's gonna be exactly that for a long, long time).
BUT even though they really helped me with the start, at one point, and you're always at that point at some stage, I was standing in my new apartment looking around and just didn't know what to do.
I moved here because of university. My university just doesn't start till the end of the month. I had to get here a bit earlier because of some guy who needed to tell me some stuff about the heating installation.
Whatever, now I'm here, I don't know anyone (except for my landlords of course, but I'm not gonna hang around with them for the next two weeks. Obviously. That´d just be SUPER weird.) and I really don't know how to spend my time anymore. It's a Sunday evening today. The last days, I spent mostly with buying stuff for my new apartment and getting everything sorted out. Now, I'm at the point I was talking about earlier, where I can't just go and visit some friends or go downstairs to talk to my family like I always did when I was at home. They're all 5 hours in the car from me now.

It's nothing unusual moving out in my age. I know that. It's just not helping right now. I'm 19 years old and graduated last year. After that, I spent about six months in New Zealand, Australia and the Fiji-Islands. Six months on the opposite side of the world, without a base to live in and with the intention to finance the whole journey with money I was earning in New Zealand without any proper education in any job. It's quite clear why I didn't write an article about that but about me sitting alone in a room experiencing absolutely nothing, isn't it?
Whatever. Being alone with nothing to do, is most likely the reason why I started writing this article. Just to keep me busy.

Well, it did the job. It kept me busy for about half an hour. So, that's a success.
And maybe there are some people reading this article ´cause they are bored, too. I hope they aren't that bored anymore now. If that´s the case, the article would've done the job for them, as well.

Big thank you