Happiness is a choice if we can choose it. Most people have suffered some depression and trials buy have bounced back from it and chose to be happy. But for those who have debilitating depression and/or anxiety, it is not simply a choice to be happy. I have this type of depression and anxiety. I know that someone who has this simply cannot make the choice to be happy even if they wanted to. All depressed people want and would definitely choose to be happy, but that option is not available for a while, until they fight it for weeks or most likely months or years. Even spiritual people have said they simply cannot be happy or feel the spirit at all because of their depression. Elder Jeffery R Holland understands depression: “Like A Broken Vessel” and there is an article in the February 2016 Ensign: “Depression”. Happiness is simply not a choice until these depressed people work and work and work at it. I hope all you people reading this understands. Please don’t be judgmental to everyone else, especially to depressed people. You mean well, but watch what you say, especially things like “I know how you feel” when you just have depression for a little while and it’s gone, “Just choose to be happy”, “you must have done something sinful, otherwise you would feel peaceful”, “just get over it”, “happiness is a choice, so do it”. These sayings are very hurtful, judgemental, and false in the condition of someone receiving this comment who has depression. Unfortunately, unless you suffer with severe depression, you will NEVER truly understand how we feel. So please be like the Savior and be kind to us.

Read more about Happiness here: https://conscioused.org/wiki/happiness/