Hello Hearters

I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry for not posting for a couple of days, but I've been busy with softball and school.

Not many people know this about me, but I happen to be super into writing (although I'm not very good with it). Last year, I joined my schools writing club with a friend, but haven't attended meetings yet this school year. If any of you are into writing, I suggest visiting a site called Nanowrimo. I joined the sit last year and started writing a book during last November.

While I haven't written much more of the book since last year, it is a murder mystery based off of a nightmare I had a few weeks before I started writing it.

At this point you're probably like yeah whatever she's writing a book. What's the point? Well, I have some writing ideas for all you writers out there that I would like to share. If any of you write anything based off of these ideas I would love to hear about it and read them, so let me know!

Idea 1

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Write a story where the gender stereotypes are switched. For example, write about what households are like, the way people dress, or treatment towards other people. Then, to add a twist, write about people who fit current stereotypes and their struggle to fit in.

Idea 2

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Write a story about what happens after you die. While this may sound simple, write it based on the perspective of multiple different people who all experience different afterlives based on the way they died. For example, if someone was killed by a shooting, have their after life be a hunt to find the killer. If they were killed simply due to old age, have them follow their family and act as if they are still living with them.

Idea 3

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Write a poem or short story from the perspective of a blind/deaf person and their experiences through life. Through this story/poem, provide a life lesson, such as the power of one moment can have on a person forever.

Idea 4

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Write about a popular person who seems to have everything or everyone, but in reality they are faking it and have the opposite of what everyone thinks.

Idea 5

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Write a story about someone with the power to predict future medical complications with people, whether it be a single person, vip's, or mass illnesses, but there's a twist. As soon as they discover the next illness, they can't tell anyone or they experience the symptoms themselves. So does the character heal everyone themselves or ask for help and perish?

Those are all the ideas I'm sharing for now, but stay tuned for more ideas and updates!