1. UGH! -The 1975

ugh, pink, and the 1975 image concert, ugh, and new album image

2. Electric Love -BORNS

daze, neon, and trip image quotes, electric love, and born image

3. Cough Syrup -Young the Giant

life, quote, and care image happy, Lyrics, and space image

4. Hollywood Friends -Jesse

aesthetic, kawaii, and landscape image Abusive image

5. Middle of Somewhere -The Neighbourhood

alternative, archive, and art image boys, brazil, and music image

6. Pink -No Rome

aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image sky, pink, and aesthetic image

7. Lovefool -No Vacation

quotes, lovefool, and no vacation image aesthetic, art, and Lyrics image

8. Swim -Chase Atlantic

aesthetic, alternative, and dark image aesthetic, drawing, and sad image

9. The Less I Know The Better -Tame Impala

tame impala image alternative, background, and groovy image

10. Are You Bored Yet? -Wallows + Clairo

bored, depression, and iphone wallpaper image aesthetics, indie, and music video image

11. Ugotme -Omar Apollo

omar apollo image alternative, apollo, and music image

12. Lemon Boy -Cavetown

boy, green, and indie image cavetown, moon, and music image

13. Holding Out for a Hero -Nothing But Thieves

concert, live, and singer image concert, live, and smoke image

14. Wait a Minute! -WILLOW

Image removed willow smith and willow image

15. Fragments -Jaymes Young

Image by sweetpeawilkes article, music, and singer image