I have many things on my mind but nobody to tell them to so I decided to share them here. IDK if anyone will read my articles but a lot of people here I believe like bts or any other kpop group or just kthings in general and also it's my favorite platform so why not.

I would like to start off by saying that I've been unofficial army for about two and a half months now. Not that long you might say, but note that the whole holiday I've done nothing else then watched bts videos, vlogs, listened to their music, read fanfictions, basically everything that is here to do and I even managed to travel to Korea.

That's what I would like to write about. Many of kpop fans probably dream about traveling to Korea and let me tell you - it's great country to travel even if you are not a fan of kpop. If you are, of course, even better.

I would like to write articles about my time there, my experience, things that might help you if you want to travel there, facts about Koreans, etc.

Please, if you are interested in anything, have any questions or just want to talk, message me. I would really appreciate anyone to talk to. :)

(bias knj)