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I love fashion and 90’s style is one of my favorite so I decided to bring you some things about it.
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My outfits’ collection:

1| Clothes

Everybody knows mom jeans and jacket jeans. They were iconic.

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Also this swatters and coats:

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta fashion, outfit, and style image Image by Anitta

Celebrities with 90’s style, nowadays:

Image by Anitta

2| Shoes

These shoes were also very iconic and you can still see people using it nowadays, but not as much as mom jeans.

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3| Accessories

Hooks, small glasses and small bags were everywhere (to the richest people that time, of course). Nowadays they are more available and you can get one hook for 2$ online.

Image by Anitta fashion, youtube, and youtuber image

You can buy it here:

4| Makeup

Women bet on strong, colorful makeup or natural makeup/ skin with only a cream on it. Nothing significant was recorded regarding men.

Image by Anitta blonde hair, braid, and fashion model image

5| Nails

Strong colors and well-colored nails as well as make-up was his favorite style. Nothing significant was recorded regarding men either.

Image by Anitta

6| Hair

These haircuts were the most iconic.


90's, clothing, and girl image aesthetic, babe, and beautiful image


Image removed johnny depp, actor, and boy image

Celebrities and their 90’s haircuts:

Image by Anitta Image by Anitta Image by Anitta Image by Anitta

Do you use some of these things? Which? Tell me on the messages I would love to know.

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