part 1
He’s waiting for her on a blue bench in front of the café. He’s looking forward to seeing her, he even picked some flowers on the way. Her favourites; daisies. She always likes the simple and unremarkable things best. That’s why he fell in love with her in the first place. He checks his phone. It’s already 23 minutes past 8. She doesn’t usually run late. The bench is quite old already, the colour is peeling off at the edges and the metal got rusty from being exposed to the rain a few too many times. She would love it. (100)

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part 2
They are three beers deep into their conversation, when the first drops reach the ground. The waiter hastily starts opening the huge umbrellas as the rain intensifies. They notice a guy sitting alone on a bench, some wilting daisies in his hand. He’s dripping wet already. Look at him, sitting there like a drowned rat; I bet his girl stood him up, one of them jokes. Don’t be such a jerk, the other says and invites him to their table. He checks his watch – 20:43 – then shrugs and flees into the dry, while they order three new beers. (200)

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part 3
She checks her reflection in the mirror one last time before leaving the house. There’s a bit of mascara under her eye. She wipes it off. Bye mum, she shouts towards the closed door. There’s no answer. Maybe she’s sleeping, she thinks and softly opens the door. Mum, she wants to whisper, but her voice breaks when her glance falls upon the red mess. The small burgundy purse, she bought it just the other day, dropped carelessly on the ground; he and the café are forgotten. A sob escapes her rosy lips and tears start dropping, smudging her mascara evermore. (300)

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