Hello Heartlovers,
this is my first article, so sorry for my bad english

As usual, the only articles about music I could find in here were about music in english. So I thought it would be time for some german music.
And this time, they all will sing in german, so you won't find anything like Tokio Hotel or Scooter in here.

Sarah Connor

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Sarah Connor is a german pop- and soul singer

Andreas Bourani

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Andreas Bourani is a german pop singer. His greatest hit is called "Auf uns" (down below)

Jan Delay

Jan Delay is a hip-hop-, reggae-, soul-, rock- and funk-musician


bausa image
Bausa is a rapper and became famous with his song "Was du Liebe nennst" (What you call love) in 2018

and finally the most famous german band around the world, especially in America


rammstein, boy, and richard kruspe image
Rammstein is a german rock band formed in Berlin in 1994