name: carly
last name: davis
age: 17
birthday: 15 september
zodiac sign: virgo
sexuality: bisexual
hair color: brown
eyer color: brown

— personality

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she is so confidnet but inside a little insecure. funny af. she´s been with many boys and girls but she dont want to fall in love. bad bitch vibes therefore, maddy is his bf.


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her father abandoned her. his mother is the best of all. she has a twin brother who is nate´s bf. he is a popular athlete.


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she loves dark colors but sometimes she uses colorful things. his style is very different. loves sweatshirts.

—make up

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not casual. very colorful. artistic make up.

—prom look

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—love interest

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his crush is cassie but she know that is imposible. btw, she have a crush on fez. she knew him at the mckay party.