Dear Dr...

I know how this must look, a letter addressed to a Doctor with no name, but please let me explain myself. when I was given your card I tore it up in a fit of rage. Do understand that this rage was not directed towards you or your card but rather towards a list of other things. I put the remnants of your card into my pocket thinking that they would be safe there. To my surprise the pieces bearing your name were carried away by the wind. the pieces that remained only bore your occupation and address.

I hope that you still practise at this address and that my enraged tearing didn't cause you to flee.

I hope that will suffice as an explanation for the incomplete start of this letter.

I am sorry.

Okay, let me get to the point of this letter. It's my eyes, I seem to be having trouble with them. My sight has never been perfect, I've worn glasses since my first day of school. I can't remember if I'm near sighted or far sighted... hell, maybe I'm a mixture!

Recently however, it's not the fact that I can't see things that are close to me or far away but rather how I see them. It's as if everything is slightly distorted. Not to the extent of a fun house mirror or a botched plastic surgery job. Everything just looks slightly off...

It's as if someone took my eyes and instead of allowing me to see the world as it normally is they added a filter. This filter has caused me to see colours I haven't seen since my childhood, and I'm not sure why that is. I have viewed objects with such admiration, it felt as though my mind had personified them....

I told this to a friend and they told me that maybe my eyes were not the problem. I told them it was definitely my eyes. They suggested that I might be colourblind... but I don't think those blind to certain colours experience seeing the world in a glaze that can only be described as naïve.

You see, it's as if someone took my eyes and replaced the transparent lenses for those of tinted rose instead. And after this replacement I have been unable to see the good, the bad and the ugly sides of people, events and life itself. I am only able to see life is shade of joy and bliss and a surreal sense of perfection.

This case of "pink eye perfection" has had some interesting side effects. Apart for the unending stream of positivity and the naïve outlook on everything around me, I have also been caught up in seeing metaphors in inanimate objects.

I have found myself comparing all of life to televisions and bookshelves and backpacks. Likening emotion to the placement of blooming flowers in a vase. I have been able to identify my closest friends in the inanimate objects that decorate the places I visit most.

I don't know what this says about me or the people I call my closest friends.

As wonderful as the world has appeared in the past two weeks I have also experienced some short coming through these rosy lenses.

I have been dubbed the philosopher by my colleges after I spent an hour explaining why the faulty printer in our office represents our failing societal expectations.

I insisted on the mugger taking not only my phone but also my wallet and car keys. I even directed him to where my car was parked.

Everyone says I sound like a greeting card.

I can't seem to see any red flags.

Hell with all the bright and beautiful colours I can see now I thought I would have no problem identifying coloured flags! But it seems that I always seem to glance over the red ones.

My brain doesn't seem to register the signals those red flags are trying to send me. DANGER. RUN. WALK AWAY. LEAVE.

I realise that this letter is a mess of an attempt to explain what is wrong with my eyes. I realise that perhaps a consultation would have been better. To see my eyes for yourself. Maybe then you could have helped me rid myself of this rosy tint my sight seems to be trapped in.

If this letter does reach you, I hope you are able to help me.

Your urgently (and sincerely),

Written by C.W.E.