What is romance to a woman? What are romantic gestures for men? What are those kinds of stuff you find most romantic to do with your partner and why? Let find out!

Romance is the inner and spontaneous certainty of being in the right place at the right time with the right person. So it has a lot to do with love and feelings and less with staged fuss like eating by candlelight.
Of course, there are certain things and situations that cause many people to feel stronger, such as soft light, picturesque landscapes, sunsets, warm breeze on the skin, an evening by the lake, a weekend or vacation in beautiful surroundings ... but they can also be fast turned into the opposite if it is perceived as too stereotypical.

What matters is that you develop a sense of your partner: what does she feel to be beautiful, how does she feel close to you, what causes her deep feelings, what touches her heart? Surely she has already given you tons of hidden clues, think about it!

If you’re anxious in knowing what does romance mean to a woman or man, what do men or women find romantic keep reading up to the end!

Romance for Women

What is romance to a woman? What compliments, gestures, and love do women like to hear from a man? Let find out.

1. Body Contact
Sometimes women just need a strong shoulder to lean on, a hug that gives them security, or a hold of hands that signals "I stand with you and to us" Or a loving caress, feelings and tenderness expresses.
Women want to feel that their partners are seeking contact with them!
2. Listening
Women do not want advice, teachings or expressions of opinion. When a woman is sitting on the couch at home after a hard day's work, she just wants to get rid of the ballast. Advice and Co solve in this case but not at all their problems. A man should just listen and be there for her. Anyone who hugs YOU then has reached the jackpot.
3. Compliments
Women want to be pleased, especially by their loved ones. Anyone who does not see or acknowledge these risks an unsightly argument and, in the long term, much frustration on the part of the woman. There is no one who does not like to get a positive comment about himself.
- Did I tell you how good you look today?
- You smell so good!
- Wow, you look great!
- I just love you so much!
- The dress is stunning!
- The hairstyle is excellent!
- This color is incredibly good for you!
- I am so happy that I have you!
- You are to bite or you are so sexy!
4. Surprises in between
Whether a visit to the cinema, a romantic candlelight dinner at your favorite Italian, or a romantic bubble bath for two in the hotel's own bathroom - romantic surprises are the absolute hit!
It also includes small gestures in between, such as flowers, chocolates, a couple walk, help in the coat, stop the door, carrying the shopping bags, or, if you simply completely clean the apartment and put together.
5. Love letters
It is a fact: Women love the written word in the form of declarations of love. Whoever simply writes a love letter to his sweetheart in between and expresses his feelings, conquers HER heart again and again!

What is romance to a man?

For some, it is candles, for the others a box of beer under the stars. However, the question of all questions remains for us women: What does romance mean to a man? It is a mistake to assume that men are wooden blocks without a spark of romance in them. Let find out some of the romantic tips a man needs in a relationship.

1. Nature + woman = perfection
Men often have a more intense love of nature than women. Waves fascinate them, as well as a mountain panorama robs them of their breath. A weekend on a deserted mountain hut or in a cozy tent is therefore exactly her thing because they find it super romantic.
2. Keep it simple
Rose petals and scented candles are usually the final boss for the man. You can absolutely relate to romance - but kitsch is incomprehensible to men. And between these two terms is a very, very narrow line. Put on a good meal, with great conversations and what happens after that, I leave to your imagination
3. A hot bath - different
Yes. Everyone is now thinking of an erotic scene in the tub. But we recommend something completely different: Let yourself and your loved one have a bath and refrain from kitschy bells and whistles. Grab his hand, a good CD and possibly a book. Relax together.
4. Be a buddy, instead of just a vamp
You are the woman in the relationship and love your role? Very well. What men feel is very romantic, if you want to consciously do something good for them. Surprise him after a long day in the office. Get him off, but not with sexy underwear under the trench coat but a disposable grill and a six-pack of his favorite beer. Find a cuddly place and enjoy the after-work hours.
5. He may be the strong man
If the after-work barbecue session is not feasible due to bad weather, you have of course an alternative! Prepare something to eat, for a change, it may like to be wickedly delicious and not necessarily healthy. If you do not have time to cook, order. A horror movie, you and a fluffy blanket are pure romance for him! He may be the strong shoulder and this is always a good opportunity to cuddle extensively.

Generally, men do not have it easy in terms of romance. For women, the romantic streak is more legitimate than for the man.

Therefore, going back to the question of what is romance to a man? It is safe to assume that men are as romantic as we are (women), only they cannot show it so well.

Men are more romantic than Women

Contrary to popular belief, men are more likely to choose the love relationship and career than women.

A phone call, a photo, a few words by e-mail or just one that looks like your loved one - that's all it takes to make men nervous. That's what London researchers have observed. In one experiment, scientists from the Department of Cognitive Neurology at London's University College placed their subjects in a magnetic resonance tomography and registered brain activity, while the subjects in the device looked at their loved one's picture.

Conclusion: Students in love are physically in a condition as if they had just snorted a sachet of cocaine.

Researchers from the US can now confirm the masculine romanticism: Contrary to the prevailing view that predominantly with women, the relationship is in the foreground, it is more the men who are willing to sacrifice their careers in a romantic relationship.

Differences between women and men at the time of falling in love or romance.

Men and women are programmed very differently. Women are more emotional and intellectualize love more. Women may eventually love someone for whom they were not attracted at first, once they know him better. Men, they need the opposite. Men need the initial attraction [first] to be willing to meet the person they will end up falling in love with. In addition, women analyze things a lot, they are more thoughtful about the idea of ​​love or romance, while men can be quick and determined once they have those feelings.

Conclusively, man and woman romance is something more personal. If you really want to be romantic you must do personal things. It's a bit romantic to buy a card that contains many affections words or poems, but to be truly romantic, you must add a personal note and sign it in a special WAY.

The romantic feeling toward the opposite sex is probably one extra help from God to bring you together, but that's it. All the rest of it, true love, is the test. Discover true happiness with craigslist personals alternative where hundreds of single women and men want to get to know you.