Hello my loves!
It's me again and today I will share with you my bucket list for 2019 autumn.

Before I get into the list I just wanna say that I'm so bad in English
and I hope you guys understand me :)

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1) New clothes
This autumn I plan to wear more colorfull clothes and skirts.

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My shopping list:
-Denim overalls
-Yellow sweater

2) Photoshoot
I took you some photoshoot ideas

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3) Makeup
I think this fall I will start wearing darker lipstick :) and maybe eyeshadows?

4) Picknick with friends
This fall I want to know my new friends better so I guess picnic is the best choice for this.

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5) Books
I think in fall you can read more because of rain and sometimes the particularly windy weather.

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Thanks for reading this shit :)
I hope u enjoy