Hey Mistakes :)

Long time no see. I don't really have an explanation for this pause of my articles, so we can just pretend that nothing happened.

one: What's your favorite movie?

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Princess Mononoke

two: What song can you listen to on repeat?

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The Subways - Rock'n'Roll Queen

three: Favorite marvel film?

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Guardians of the Galaxy

four: Female crush?

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Erin Gilfoy

five: Male crush?

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My boyfriend

six: favorite food?

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Bacon eggs

seven: coffee or tea?

Image by Haliotis94b

eight: favorite city?

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Stockholm - Sweden (actually i was in this specific cafe)

nine: who's your favorite music group?

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For today, it's Oh Wonder (saw them live a year ago)

ten: favorite solo artist?

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For today Aurora (also saw her live, 2 years ago)

eleven: if you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

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My best friend

twelve: dogs or cats?

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thirteen: best gift you've ever received?

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Someone's time

fourteen: what country do you wish to visit?

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fifteen: favorite color?

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sixteen: road trip or cruise?

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seventeen: best way to relieve tension?

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Workout and cold shower

eighteen: fovorite flower?

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Every flower, which is planted

nineteen: last person you called?

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My friend, who is going through break up. We had few beers, she cried some tears and everything was a little better. At least for a while.

twenty: when was the last time you cried?

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I don't even know.... but actually, 2 weeks ago when i chopped some onion for chilli con carne.

twentyone: what is your least favorite thing about yourself?

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My arms - if they would be as strong as they lookalike that would be great.

twentytwo: sport you wish wou could play?

lacrosse image
From team sports It's lacrosse.

twentytwo: favorite hairstyle?

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Just the way they are

twentythree: favorite season?

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twentyfour: what tv show are you currently watching?

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twentyfive: three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?

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I have a really specific answer for this question. First would be my grandma, who i miss everyday. Second would be my grandpa, who died, when my mom graduated colllege and last person would be Louis Armstrong.

twentysix: where were you born?

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Bojnice - Slovakia

twentyseven: what is the farthest you have been from home?

stockholm and sweden image
Stockholm - Sweden

twentyeight: what book have you read again and again?

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twentynine: zodiac sign?

Leo image

thirty: dream job?

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Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy (I would like to specialize in Neurological disorders)

thirtyone: favorite sound?

rain and lights image
The sound of the midnight rain on a window, because at that time my room is full of silence, except for calming sound of rain drops.

thirtytwo: most used cuss word?

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I don't cuss

thirtythree: who has been your biggest influence?

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My parents

thirtyfour: top three favorite superheroes?

spiderman image Avengers, gif, and Hulk image
Spiderman, Captain America and Rocket

thirtyfive: favorite movie quote?

broken, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and kate winslet image
"Hi, I'm Clementine, can I have a piece of chicken?" Then you just took it. It was so intimate. It was like we were already lovers.

thirtysix: what was your first pet?

Animales, animals, and cat image

thirtyseven: city or country?

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thirtyeight: favorite mythical creature?

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thirtynine: favorite clothing item?

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Brothers big T-shirt

forty: what are you afraid of?

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The fact that one day i would disappoint my family and friends terrifies me. Or nah?

fortyone: favorite scent?

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Curry (too hungry for thinking about something else)

fortytwo: writing or drawing?

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Journaling (both)

fortythree: morning person or night owl?

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Not much sleeping morning person

Have a nice day^^

(Yes, i skipped few questions )