The story of my makeup mirror. I thought everyone wants to stand in front of a mirror because we love own self and makeover ownself. this is my story when I was in class 10 then I participate in school function than teacher prepare me for function she applies makeup on my face and decorates my hair and drape sari after completing this makeup she told me that she yourself in front of mirror and tell me u like it then I stood in front of mirror and saw my self in makeup and sari than I feel surprised and happy. when function will complete and remove my makeup and undraped my sari and wear school dress than I think mirror is the only think through I saw my self happy and strange. I know the mirror is part of our lives and essential of life.
end of the story I saw the change of my self with makeup and without makeup when the mirror is not available then I understand the importance of the mirror in my life. everyone has a mirror story.