As a lover of the horror genre, my mind would go back and worth trying to understand what horrific element made it go "Oh wow, that's freaking scary!"

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But really, what makes a movie or a story so terrifying? Here are some of my opinions:

Jump Scares

I myself wouldn't consider this as an element of horror, really. It sure gives you a heart attack when something wicked looking appears on the screen but it doesn't leave a ''scar'' in the viewers minds.

It's sudden but has no significance. You can't build a horror movie only on jump scares. The hell is wrong with you?

Scary Faces

The creatures from Insidious or The Conjuring are horrifying but so am I in the morning. No biggie!

I mean, yes, people who have a decaying face or ripped skin are scary but what else? Those features need to have an explanation in order for the story to have an importance. Like come on!!!

I would suggest watching The Grudge, only the first movie cuz the other two or three are just bleh. You would understand what I am talking about.

Plot: A Twisted Plot

Wouldn't you love something twisted and mind blowing?

Everyone goes apesh!t when the plot is build logically because only through a well thought plot would the movie or story be stuck in the viewers mind.


"He went hiking through the same path, never to be heard of again. But weirdly enough, the rescue squad found his backpack in good shape even though he had been missing for two weeks. After a month, they found his body at the exact spot where the squad had searched before. It looked like he was killed recently but the cause of death is UNKNOWN!

Oh boy does this one make me think like a hundred possibilities...

The Supernatural

If you wanna make this one work, think hard about the HOW's, the WHY's because you don't wanna end up with a ghost who jump scares everyone.

*Cough* The Woman In Black *Cough*.

  • I hope you enjoyed this. Wouldn't mind knowing what yall think!