Hello everyone!
I'm Demy and I am going to be one of the new authors here.Even though I use WeHeartIt for almost six years now,I never thought of using it as a blog and to be honest this new ability makes it even more attractive.So,I really love articles such as Tags,Advice etc. and this is going to be the actual theme of this blog.For the first article,I chose to have a get to know me tag so let's start!

What's my name?

My full name is Demetra Mary

What's my gender?


What's my age?

I'm almost eighteen

Where do I live?


Greece image beach, beautiful, and earth image

What's my height?


What languages do I speak?

Greek,English and a bit of German,Turkish and Italian

What do I like about myself?

I really love my hair and the shape of my eyes

What's my eye color?

When I was a child my eyes were deep green but as I was getting older they were getting darker.Now,they have a honey color.

honey, love omg, and صور حب image

What are my hobbies?

I love writing and reading books

What are my interests?

Books,movies,theater,animals,music and many more.

book, reading, and light image cats and dogs image design, goals, and home image music, autumn, and fall image

What's my hair color?


blonde, brown, and curls image

What do I want to become?

The best version of myself

What's my sexuality?


What's my favorite video game?

I don't play video games

What's my favorite food?

I'm in love with spaghetti

cheese, food, and pasta image food porn, italian, and pasta image

What's my favorite drink?


amazing, blog, and blogger image beverage, drinks, and lemonade image

What's my favourite clothing item?

My hoodies,for sure.

girl, supreme, and clothes image outfit, fashion, and clothes image

What's my favorite color?

Hot pink

sky, pink, and sunset image sky, pink, and travel image

What' my favorite movie?

After and To All The Boys I've Loved Before

noah centineo, peter kavinsky, and lana condor image after movie, tessa young, and hardin scott image

What's my favourite TV show?

Teen Wolf

Image removed Abusive image

What's my favourite subject?

Ancient Greek Language

aesthetic, architecture, and art image art, statue, and sculpture image

Who's my favorite musical artist?

Selena Gomez

Temporarily removed selena gomez, selena, and selenagomez image

What's my favourite holiday?


Image by Libby

I hope you enjoyed my first aritcle.Let me know if you liked it,what article should be next and do you want me to have some more tags?

Kisses and much love,