Hi everyone!

Lately I have allowed negative thoughts to take over my mind. This morning, I woke up and decided to take a large part of the day just for myself and ... here is the result.

I hope this article inspires you to calm those thoughts that overwhelm your mind.


1. Play the music that is most joyful for your heart

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2. Collect your atmosphere

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3. Meditate

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4. Go out for coffee in a different place

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5. Read a book of positive philosophy

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6. Pay attention, what do you feel now?

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7. Buy yourself some flowers

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8. Pamper yourself

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9. Take a nap

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10. Go to the cinema and enjoy a good movie.

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Negative thoughts are a vicious circle to which we have to set limits and one of the things that worked for me is "being present" most of the time, but like every human being, we have our bad days. This is my remedy, please, if you think you need other help, go to therapy, the professionals will guide you and help you get your best version♥☼.

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Have a good day.

Love, Cris♥