#BirthdayCalendar Template: Anniversary And #BirthdayReminder
Keeping on top of family and friends’ birthdays can be a hassle, particularly when they are far away or you aren’t in constant contact. A birthday calendar template can help you to organize and remember these birthdays without having to join a social media service or sign up to a service that will send you constant emails with unrelated information. Manage your birthday information in a reliable and effective way with a birthday calendar.


Monthly Birthday Calendar Template

A monthly birthday calendar template displays the birthday information you have entered into it for the next month.

A monthly birthday calendar allows you to stay ahead by showing you upcoming birthdays rather than those in just the next few days.

Monthly calendars are also great for organizing birthday surprises or presents in a timely fashion, avoided belated birthday celebrations.

Include the birthdays of those who might normally get under the radar by adding them to your monthly birthday calendar.
Never Forget Another Birthday
Quick! – Input birthday details as soon as you become aware of them, that way you won’t lose or forget about details before you record them on your calendar.
Social Media – Don’t rely on every changing social media platform to remind you about birthdays. Input the details of birthdays from social media into a template so that you have an early reminder and aren’t relying on the perpetually changing and ever unreliable reminders from Facebook.

Birthday Card – Have an e-card or printed card ready to go for those birthdays that might occasionally creep up on you.
Plan – Plan something small and manageable for employee birthdays. Even a small acknowledgment will make them feel valued and appreciated. Check your calendar or list regularly to help you plan.
Schedule – If you see a birthday looming on your calendar template and you are worried about forgetting why not schedule an email or text message wishing your friend, colleague or loved one a happy birthday to make sure that they know that you are thinking of them and their birthday, even if you do have a lot on your plate.

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