Hello beautiful!

This article is a step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful WHI profile.

It's easy than you think to:

  • Create a coordinated overall appearance
  • Define your theme
  • Gain followers who love what you do
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1 | Choose and stick to one theme

Create a mood board of inspiration of the type of aesthetic you want for your We Heart It profile.

For example:

  • Art hoe (Van Gogh, succulents, paint-splattered floor boards)
  • Vogue (pearls, high-fashion magazines, trench coats)
  • Grunge (dark art, Doc Martens, cuss words)
  • Bohemian (healing crystals, indoor pot plants, maxi skirts)
  • Minimalist (simple abstract art, black and white photography)

Knowing what your aesthetic is will help you heart the pictures that fit the theme of your account instead of just hearting random photos.

This way, your canvas will look beautiful and consistent.

@lovsuzie shows you some popular We Heart It themes above.
book image wallpaper, art, and background image figs, food, and fruit image bed, book, and books image Temporarily removed architecture, photography, and travel image fruit, food, and aesthetic image picasso, theme, and archive image
React with 🔥 if you want an article by me with 10+ aesthetics for your new glowing We Heart It profile . . . and how to achieve it!
2 | Choose a colour palette

Your colour palette is as important as your theme. Choose a palette according to your theme/ aesthetic.

My colour palette:

beach, sand, and aesthetic image food, fruit, and fig image design, inspiration, and luxe image wallpaper, art, and background image earrings, fashion, and style image book, black and white, and girl image
browns | olive green | blush/ rose gold | black & white | beiges | dusty blue | gold
3 | Pick a profile picture, cover photo, and bio that match your theme & colours

Your profile picture, cover photo, and bio are the first impression potential followers will see.

Try to make this impression perfect!

For inspiration, check out We Heart It-famous profiles and how they do use their profile picture, cover photo, and bio.

feelings, quotes, and words image
Be unique and you! Use your imagination and have fun.
4 | Create collections

Collections make it easy for people to quickly and efficiently see your theme, or 'aesthetic'.

For example, here are my signature collections:

  • Haveabout 10-30 collections (as long as you can add hearts to each collection at least once a week)
  • Include a description of the collection.
5 | Take inspiration from an era

Pick an era and be inspired by its aesthetic, fashion, and colour palette.

I'm not saying to go 100% retro, but a few well-placed touches make any profile dreamy!

Check out my vintage collection above.
california, 70s, and vintage image
girl, photography, and vintage image beauty, design, and fashion image
I take inspiration from the rolling 70's.
6 | Write articles

Honestly, writing articles makes such a difference!

A lot of my followers are people who love my art-journaling articles:

You don't have to be a pro at writing to make an article! All you need is a laptop/ computer (you can't write an article from a phone).

Get some article inspo from my collections below:

I am working on another article about writing excellent articles your followers will love! Follow me to get it new.
girl, summer, and hat image
7 | Know your worth

Social media is what it is.

Every single day, we are bombarded with pictures of people with "perfect" bodies living "perfect lives".

Let this inspire you, not drag you down.

Create a positive self-image, and don't let anyone tell you that you're anything less than you are.

girl, smile, and beauty image
8 | Know when it's time for a break

A social media detox for even a day every week does wonders.

summer, legs, and hammock image
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Until next time!
Alondra xx