Hey interwebbers today I'm doing this, based off of questions on other ones I've seen floating around. And also I love the 80s v much, I always have so this is why okay start reading.


Name: Lena Adelaide Dempsey
Age: 12-13-14 (all seasons expanded)
Family: Luis Dempsey (brother), George Dempsey (brother), Patrick Dempsey (brother), Anne Dempsey (Mother), Brian Dempsey (father)
Birthday: 15th May 1971
Height: 1.39 Meters
First Appearance: Season One, Episode: The Disappearance of Will Byers


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Lena's style and appearance show how she is inside and out; which is gentle and caring.


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She;s goofy and silly, but it's her gentle and honest persona that makes her so likeable. Very intelligent, Lena isn't a know it all but she's always got her head in the stars, because learning about planets and galaxies are one of her favourite things to do.


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very neat and tidy.


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she does enjoy some 80s music, but most of it makes her cringe, so she often listens to her brothers taste in music; which is the Beatles, the Animals, The Who, and Monkees. Her favourite band, however, has always been the Beach Boys calling their music 'vibrant', and 'sweet like cinnamon'.


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she loves science, space and painting. these are activites that she does when she's bored and has nothing to do, however, art takes her mind off things and is a brilliant way to express Lena.

(Closest-) Friends

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she has many she loves and admires, but her best friend is will. will is gentle and kind, that he matches lena more than any character in the show, and they've been friends for a very long time.


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Luis (15th December 1966), Patrick (12th June 1968), George (21st February 1973). She loves her brothers dearly, though sometimes they can act like know-it-alls. Her Mother is very quiet, and her Father is very successful.

Love Interests

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she has a crush on will byers, she has since 6th grade. after mike is still with eleven, they become a couple, even though lena is growing suspicious that he's in love with mike. in season three, lena was angry about this, confronting him, 'i do things that make people happy. if this doesn't make you satisfied, then it was nice when we were something'.

Favourite Books

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diary of anne frank / great gatsby