Earth x Grounding x Re-planting x Re-finding x Re-connecting x Self time

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Virgo Season is about finding (refinding) our inner dimond. Who am I, why am I here, and reconnecting with our source. She also brings us the lesson of structure, her energy helps us organize our lives and be committed to ourselves more than anyone or anything else. Maybe in this time you have began to feel that you are giving too much to somebody, neglecting your own feelings or giving too much of your self in terms of work, without nurturing your very own true wishes of the life you want to lead. These are reasons why I love astrology, its not about looking at the stars and blame shit that goes down on the Universe, but rather understanding what energies are flowing right now and connect that through to your own life to realize how you can lead your life more purposefully, more in tune, in flow, happier and aware. The cool thing about Astrology as well is that as more and more people are waking up to the powers of the Universe, more people connect through this Energy, empowering it even more and when you connect in this flow, you dont only connect to the flow of the Universe, allowing your physical and inner life to flow more powerful, but you also connect with all the energy of the humans at the same frequency as yourself. Cool or crazy, you decide.
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Virgo Season is a time to nourish your soul and ground your energy. For you this means stabilizing your emotional body with space to feel and time for selfcare. Over the Season of Virgo and her New Moon ground your emotions in nature, spending time with the earth and aligning with her energy to create balance within. Also give yourself plenty of space to work on inner healing.
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For me Summer is always peak of my Cycle - which deffers to each individual, but for me I always feel like I start blooming in May, peak in adventure, life and energy in June-July-August, then kind of harvest and end my cycle in the fall from September. Cancer Water in July is highly expressive and emotional which resonates with me in my purpose in life which contains and a mix of Emotion and Expression for a greater purpose. Then we have Fiery Leo in August which just really throws out our expression of ourselves to the world, kind of crazy, all over, peaking, then we hit Earthy Virgo in September, kind of bringing us back down to earth after a spacey and emotional Summer Cycle; time to calm down, ground ourselves and re-center again. The Virgo New Moon is a time to feel your inner Goddess. It`s a time for you to feel your feet on the ground, focus clearly on what you want in your life. I think that this time every year is a time to check in with your Self and the direction you`re heading in and deciding what you have been doing to get you closer to your purpose and make a game plan for the next year and this new year`s Cycle. Virgo is also helping with structure so this is a great time to really sit down and structurize a plan for this upcoming Year Cycle.

Questions to ask your self this New Moon, check in with your Heart, Head, Body and Soul in alignment with the purpose of feeling Grounded, Still, at Peace, Present.

How is my head and what can I do to feel more grounded? I felt really stressed at the beginning of this cycle, I felt like my mind was stressing, taking in loads of coffeine for energy, feeling hyper sensitive and all over the place. I was stressing to re-find my path with failing to realize the soul has the answers, not the brain, and in order to remember those answers I need to stop looking for them outside of myself, and practice stillness to create space for the answers to come to me.

How is my heart?
I felt hurt. I felt like I had been cheated on and just got out of a really terribly damaging relationship. So I stopped to ask myself why I was so hurt and realize it all came from a place of anger with myself. I got so cought up in the relationship aspect of this man that I neglected my purpose and seperated from my soul`s purpose. He would have loved me if I was me, but I wasn`t, I fell into old patterns, playing with my demons and we just fell apart. So I realized for my heart to be happy, I need to become my authentic self again, I need to just to purposefully, authentically be me.

How is my body?
My body felt disconnected and neglected. Very achey and hurt. It had been through hell and back these past six months and needed some love. So I began doing yoga again. Biking in nature, really soothed my soul, body, heart and mind all together. The Earth really can heal anything. Drinking veggie juices to get my energy back and nurture my body instead of depriving it.

Solutions: Drinking water, no caffeine. Begin every morning with meditating. Walk in nature. Be off Social Media. Be alone with my Self. Let it hurt. Allow to feel it. Go to yoga, stretch my body. Spend time in nature; biking, jogging, yogaing, meditating. Keep my space sacred and clean. Get my pain out through art or writing. Being honest with myself. Practice self love, walk barefoot on the dirty earth, be mindful of my food and water intake. Fall asleep without any screens, allowing my thoughts to come and go, and reconnect to my purpose.