I know a lot of you have started school and you're going to be facing your exams soon. Here are some tips to help you guys out.

1) Be organized

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It's important to be comfortable and get everything you need when you study. This way you won't have to keep getting up and losing focus.

2) Do a ton of past papers

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If you're facing your O/L or A/L examinations, doing past papers will help you out so much. It gives you the entire format of the paper, what type of questions you may get and so on.

3) Take breaks

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This is so important, studying at a stretch isn't helpful and your brain won't retain any information after a while. Take 5 to 10 minute breaks and walk around or grab a snack, whatever helps you relax.

4) Make summaries

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Writing short notes are the best way to fully understand what you're learning, it helps you retain information and makes it easier to memorize important lessons.

5) Start early!

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Studying early in the morning means you'll have the entire day to plan out your schedule and you should always start with your hardest subject. Say you have Math and English on the same day, if Math is your hardest subject, start with that. That way you can take as much time as you want practicing equations and when you're done, you can focus on English as you'll have more time to study both subjects.

6) Don't stay up late

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Sleep is extremely important, don't neglect it. Even if you're a night person, get some sleep, don't stay up until 1 in the morning studying. If you don't get the needed rest your body requires it'll make it much harder to concentrate and you'll get tired easily. Also, you can get much more done if you wake up early.
Good luck and know that getting a bad grade isn't the end of the world ❤